• Consultations

    The fastest way to getting what you need and want is to ask for it.

    I’d love to chat and answer any questions you have, address any concerns and determine how I can best serve you. Consultations are always complimentary and typically require 15-30 min of your time. We can do this via phone call, FaceTime or in person.

  • Closet Revival

    Where the Magic Begins

    Imagine walking into your closet without a single concern for what you’re going to wear. For one; Because it’s organized and because you can actually see what you have to work with. For two, because you love AND want to wear everything in it.

    During your closet revival we’ll not only eliminate what isn’t working, we’ll discuss why and how to avoid the same mistake in the future. I’ll restyle what you love, showing you new ways to wear and/or suggesting potential alterations to breath new life into a garment. Together we’ll evaluate what’s missing and what would be most essential to achieving your style goals. When we are through, I will not only remove and deliver your donations to the appropriate organization but I will take any items that may fetch you a little dough to the appropriate consignment shop. Once your items sell, you’ll receive a check.

  • Running Start

    This is an ideal way to ensure you’re on the right track with continued support over a period of time.

    Over a period of three to six months, we’ll meet on several occasions. We’ll start with a Closet Revival, leaving you with a clean slate and renewed perspective. Followed by one on one seasonal shopping appointments, catered to your needs and budget. Items will be expertly pre-selected and fitting rooms will be set prior to your arrival. I’ll educate you every step of the away. Not just on silhouettes and color palettes that suit you but we’ll also identify what it is that truly motivates and excites you about dressing. Leaving you refreshed, confident and ready to take on whatever may be ahead of you. During this time I will be just a call/email/text away.

  • Comprehensive

    For nearly round the clock service and maintenance.

    Your calendar is full and you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Think of me as your personal resource, consultant and concierge. As is with the running start, we’ll assess your needs by starting with your Closet Revival. During that time we’ll determine best next steps. Full service styling appointments can be hosted at either the retailer of choice or in your home, given your schedule and preferences. Deliveries can be hand carried to your home, office or shipped to where ever you may be traveling. Periodically, throughout the year, I will come to your home, revive and reorganize your closet, style and photograph accordingly, determine what’s missing, fill the voids and be available to you remotely, as is needed. I’ll have access to expert tailors, cobblers, milliners, hair and make up artists and many other professionals, to serve at every corner.

  • Fashion With Friends Weekend

    Call your girlfriends and your boyfriends! This stylist is coming to take over your city!

    Upcoming cities include Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, San Diego, and Boise.

    One on one travel appointments are also available.

  • Remote/Virtual Services
    In the current climate of Covid and social distancing, please be assured that all safety precautions will be adhered to and I will accommodate your specific needs to the best of my ability.  I offer remote and virtual services.