What is Nicole Jackson Styling All About?

Perhaps you’re the rare breed of human who has never had a breakdown clothes shopping, getting dressed or purging your closet. To you my friend, I say, congratulations.  To the rest of you mere mortals, (myself included) I am here for you.

When the simple task of getting dressed (which we have to do most days) occurs as a breakdown on a regular basis, you need a helping hand. One that is both expert and compassionate.  One that has 15 years experience in the retail, photography, editorial industries, and with private clients. Whether you simply want to get a handle on refining or expanding your current wardrobe, or you’re an on the go exec, traveling here to there, or anything in between, I’m confident I’ll make our time together easy and dare I say fun for you.

Contrary to popular belief, having a personal stylist/shopper is not reserved for the very wealthy and celebrities. We’re all up to big things in life and it takes a village. I will approach your needs with authenticity and passion and you’ll be left feeling more confident and with a transformed relationship to yourself and your personal style.

Diana Vreeland once said “I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity” and I couldn’t agree more. You deserve to feel great about yourself, each and everyday, no matter budget, size, job, or what have you. Who you get to be for yourself and those around you when you’re feeling amazing is a great contribution to the world. It frees you up to be more focused on what matters most to you.

I so look forward to working with you!

About Nicole

Nicole and her son Jackson

Nicole Jackson is a talented and well respected Seattle-based personal stylist. She has spent the last 15 years working for luxury retailers such as Barneys New York and Seattle based Jarbo, and as a Personal Stylist at Seattle’s Flagship Nordstrom. With a simple motto of “What you wear affects how you think, act and feel,” connection has always been her driving force in bringing out the best in each of her clients.

Nicole’s positive, upbeat attitude, her innate sense of fashion, and her ability to see shapes, fabric, patterns and silhouettes, that would best suit each individual, creates an immediate and trustworthy relationship with those she encounters. Nicole’s clients will often tell you that they are “lifers” and would trust only her to hand pick their wardrobe for each season. You get nothing but honesty and authenticity from Nicole. She believes that every single client she works with has their own unique and individual style, a story to uncover and a future to live into. Nicole does not operate under any set of rules or formulas. With her talent and expert eye, she takes her clients to a new level of confidence in their individual style, creating an unparalleled experience.

When Nicole’s not transforming the fashion world, she’s adventuring with her son, Jackson, volunteering at his school, and coaching leadership courses with Landmark Worldwide. Personal growth is a key component of Nicole’s philosophy when it comes to fashion and creating a life you love.