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It’s Time To Elevate Your Style

We’re all up to big things in life and it takes a village. I will approach your needs with authenticity and passion and you’ll be left feeling more confident and with a transformed relationship to yourself and personal style.

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Meet Nicole

My 4 year old self laid the foundation for my lifelong love of fashion. My extensive experience in and around the retail industry laid the foundation for my love of connection and service. It’s at this intersection that standing for transformation for women and men, in relation to their wardrobes was born.

Learn why others love working with Nicole.

Nicole is a styling genius. When she left our first closet consultation appointment, I felt exactly how she promises that her clients will: bold, confident, and transformed. I went from hating my closet to feeling like I know how to rock what I’ve got. I can’t wait for our shopping appointment!

Nicole has helped my wife and me since we moved to Seattle nearly 5 years ago. My wife met Nicole while shopping for our wedding, (while she was a Personal Stylist at Nordstrom) and they hit it off — we bought most of our clothing for our wedding events with her and have continued to shop with her for nearly all of our clothing since that time. She is not only friendly and courteous but, more important, she has exquisite taste and great organizational skills that save us time.

I’d never really understood the purpose of having a personal stylist, until I met Nicole. She has completely changed the way I look at fashion, and how I choose pieces for my closet. With Nicole’s help, I now finally feel like I have a style that really suits me. So many of my own clients even notice and compliment how my style has evolved!

My wife and I were introduced to Nicole just as we were suffering through the process of searching for our wedding outfits. We had been in countless stores and faced frustration with sales staff and clothing styles at every turn. A friend recommended Nicole who had done the impossible of finding the perfect pants for our friend’s unique body type.

So we gave her a try…And not only did she put together the most amazing outfits (taking into account our styles and unconventional ceremony) she was fun, authentic, honest and hilarious. I hate shopping and dealing with stylists and sales people, but Nicole made the experience so fun, relaxed and interesting that I wanted to go back just to have that positive experience again. Her clear love of style and creativity combined with her incredible ability to connect with people regardless of who they are makes her a truly dynamic stylist. She gets an 11 out of 10 in my book because she goes above and beyond for her clients! Love love love her work!!

For me, there is only one word to describe my experience with Nicole. JOY! Not only does she bring JOY to the way she worked with me (my face hurt from smiling) but also I was left with JOY in my closet. I love my clothes again, the old and the new!