Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Allow me to introduce “Did You Know”! This will be a weekly feature on fashion, food, art, architecture, whatever feels to me like a great share. There are so many beautiful things in the world to learn about; History, random factoids, history of fashion, obscure fashion, runway fashion, ALL THINGS FASHION! Here you’ll get a heaping dose of that and I hope you’ll eat it up like, well, whatever it is you like 🙂 . As I go, so you go.

If there’s something you’d like to know and you think it’s share worthy, please comment and I’ll do my best to make it happen. Here my friends is the first edition of “Did You Know”. It’s a bit of an introduction into how my crazy brain works.

Did you know fashion is art? Or at least it can be. As a self proclaimed fashion nerd I consider it my life’s mission to know the “birth”, if you will, of how something came to be. Something being a garment or an entire collection and how the idea or inspiration behind it trickles down into mainstream fashion. Some people stand in an art gallery and look at a piece in the same way they would look at something in say, Vogue. You may have the opinion that it is hideous or the more common “I don’t get that”. Understanding creates the possibility for appreciation, not unlike any other form of art whether it be a painting or a building or even a music video. You can still not like it but when you “get it” something new is available. Connection. Does it invoke a reaction? Fashion as art and art in all its forms, can and will cause me to have an emotional and physical reaction. This to me is exciting!

That is not to say, however, that I like all fashion. I don’t love it for the sake of and I’m certainly not for lack of opinions and likes and dislikes, like anyone else. I’d just prefer to know why, how and who. And how that relates to who, why and how I’m going to execute for a particular client. We look how we feel and feel how we look so without it being significant, it all matters. (more on this later)

Here a few examples of some looks I love and a few I’m not super keen on. Thoughts?

neutrals, trench, crops, slides

The Row SS17

Stella McCartney SS17


MJSS17 #notit

Alexander McQueen SS17 #umm